There once was a guy from Australia
With stories of peewees he'll regale ya
Yeah Den's a good bloke.
To animals who're broke.
They know him from Sydney to Walcha

Limerick by Ocean's Edge

Den (batty) Whitton, is a bloke from the wilds of Australia ... somewhere around 250 miles north-west of Sydney.

When he's not helping out his Dad's company, or working on his webcomic "Bugs", he's an active member of WIRES - a friend to all animals in need. And kept under strict survellience by the peewee mafia.

So we built this page to help Den tell you some of his rescue stories. He's been regaling us for years with them over at LiveJournal. But some of us thought they deserved a special place all their own.

Soooooo tell me something about Den!

Four Peewees

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